Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Comic - Movie Night

The third D&D movie (The Book of Vile Darkness) made its big début on SyFy this past weekend. I believe it airs again later this week for those who missed it. Although the actual world premier was in England where it went straight to DVD and is found in the movie section of fine supermarkets all over that great nation.

I've seen it and it's not horrible. Far, far better than the trailer would suggest.
The special effects are TV quality and better than other movie-of-the-week fare and the costumes and sets are more than adequate. There are some bad bits yes, but there are some good bits. Some humour, a genuine creepy scene, and some nice use of magic items. It's arguably the best in the series. It's near-quality might actually be detrimental as it's not so bad that it's enjoyable from a cheese or MS3K standpoint.

Really, my advice is go into it blind and avoid the trailer if you haven't already seen it (or don't re-watch the trailer until after the movie). And if you can find a drinking game and some friends to suffer with you... that might help.
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