Thursday, December 6, 2012

Comic - Tripped up

One of the more controversial design decisions of 4th Edition was that a character designed around one tactic should always be able to that tactic, regardless of how much sense the tactic makes in-world. There are lengthy debates and justifications for burning red dragons, charming zombies, tricking golems, and, of course, tripping oozes. 

I’ve seen many large and heated arguments over how it should be possible to trip oozes, and how the character isn’t really tripping them but disorientating them or splattering them forcing them to reform - which always sounds narratively identical to dazing or stunning oozes.
I like certain monsters being immune to certain tactics. It hurts characters that are a one trick pony, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It encourages players to react differently, to move outside of their comfort zone and try other tactics. Likewise, there should always be those monsters that are vulnerable to the player’s tactics. The pyromancer might struggle in the adventure against a fire giant in its volcano lair, but they’re laughing when they fight a white dragon it an glacial cavern full sharp and perilously hung ice stalactites.

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