Saturday, August 25, 2012

Comic - Fighter Spells

***When I first started doing the comic, one of my first ideas was fighters casting spells. It was also requested quickly by Newbie DM who is more than a little responsible for my doing this strip.It's a tricky idea for a one-panel comic. Trying to represent a classical 1e fighter and a modern 4e fighter without multiple panels of dialogue. Depicting a "spell" without motion. 4th Edition fighters, at least the early ones, kinda do cast spells. Which bugged the crap out of me and really drove me away from the edition for a time. It's not the fact that fighters have powers, but that they have the same powers as wizards and clerics: the same number of powers, the same formatting, the same recharging, and the same usage, etc. Some people really dug the fighter powers, so it's a matter of personal taste...

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