Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Comic - Plausible

***A little 3rd Edition teasing today.It was noted in 3e that a cat was CR 1/4 while a human commoner was somewhere around CR 1/3. Which meant, all things being equal, a house cat could kick the crap out of a grown human being. Okay, the game only referred to "cats", which meant it could just as easily refer to feral cats living in the mean alleys of Waterdeep and not necessarily the contemporary domesticated and pampered Mr. Whiskers. Even then, the average medieval tabby kept as a pet was likely a skilled mouser and trained killing machine.


  1. Not to be picky or anything, is 1/3 not larger than 1/4.

    So human would trample cat....barely. Putting it in whole units would mean that 4 cats and 3 commoners would be equal in CR.

    Interesting fight.

  2. I said "could" not "would"; most of the time the human would win, but the fight would be close enough that a couple lucky strikes could push it in either direction.
    Which is exactly the right amount of silly enough to warrant a comic strip.